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iAtkos S3 V2 on LG R590


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I wanna install iAtkos S3 version 2 on this computer. First, it does a boot loop. Then, I try to boot with cpuratio=21 busratio=22 arch=i386 -v -f. But the USB port seems to halt during the booting since the LED on the USB key stops flashing. So, I tried to use a CD instead... It boots, with the same flags, but the trackpad isn't working.


Can you please help me?


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Please give more detail. How far do you get into the boot process? I've fully completed an install and personalization many times without a mouse.. aint that hard..


Props to Matrix_MSF over on tonymacx86



For reaching the menu press ctrl+F2


- To move on between Tabs press ctrl+F7


after you install the OSX the same applies as above also you can do the following:


- For reaching the Dock press ctrl+F3


- For switching between open windows press ctrl+F4


- For using the tools on the menu bar such as bluetooth + Ejecting the CD\DVD ...etc press ctrl+F8


- For closing a window press the windows logo button+W


- To press Enter press the windows logo button+down arrow


- To go for one level up folder press the windows logo button+up arrow


- To go Back press the windows logo button+[


- To move forward on opened folders press the windows logo button+]


- To select all files press the windows logo button+A


- To copy files press the windows logo button+C


- To paste files press the windows logo button+V


- To cut files press the windows logo button+X


- To delete a file press the windows logo button+backspace


- If you want find something through finder in the upper right corner press the windows logo button+space


- To use mouse through the keyboard shortcuts this is ONLY if your track pad isn't working, you have to enable this option from preferences by going to universal access then go to Mouse & Trackpad after that change mouse keys from off to on then close the window and to control the mouse use the following key's:


- To move the mouse up press fn+8


- To move the mouse down press fn+(K) or 2 from numlock


- To move the mouse left press fn+(U) or 4 from numlock


- To move the mouse right press fn+(O) or 6 from numlock


- To move the mouse up-left press fn+7


- To move the mouse up-right press fn+9


- To move the mouse down-left press fn+(J) or 1 from numlock


- To move the mouse down-right press fn+(L) or 3 from numlock


- To click the mouse button press fn+(I) or 5 from numlock


- To hold down the mouse button press fn+(M) or 0 from numlock


- To release the mouse button press fn+(.)

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Thanks, I'll try it as soon as I can! I reached the installation process, but it gave me a screen with a Mouse saying I need to connect a mouse, but since USBs aren't working, I can't...


But I'll install it as you say, then boot with iDeneb cd (with this one I get the trackpad to work). And I'll add the drivers this way :(

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I installed it, made it boot, working almost properly, trackpad working. I installed some softwares, then one asked me to reboot, so I did it. And after I get a Backtrace (CPU 0)... kernel panic. I formatted once, then reinstalled all the softwares. And I installed another software that asked me to reboot, and it did exactly the same thing ! (It wasn't the same software)

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