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How Can I Use The Send Tap?


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first of all i`m sorry for duplicate this post :unsure: but no one answered me at the iphone section -_-

maybe i post in the wrong section :wacko: so mod please see which section is the wright one and delete the other post.. :):):)




i just got my aluminium keyboard and paired it with my iphone 4G ios 4.1.

and it's amazing.Media keys work, as do a bunch of keyboard shortcuts..

with a few exceptions.

But i have one problem with the send tap. wacko.gifwacko.gifwacko.gif

does Anyone know if it's possible to send an sms with keyboard

instead of typing on keyboard and having to tap send on phone? wacko.gifwacko.gifwacko.gif

Same with emails and pMessenger. pls someone help :(:(:(

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