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Asus N90sv


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Hi everyone!

I got this notebook (ASUS N90SV) and I have been trying to get leopard OS or Snow Leopard tom work on it.

No need to say it, I failed :)


I tried different distros, hoping that maybe one would work. The last one I tried is the iDeneb distro, and it got installed correctly. The thing is when I run my MacOS from the boot it won't go further than the silver screen with the apple on center.


Has anyone any idea of what I did wrong?

I installed the system without selecting any driver, so I guess this could be the reason why....

I'm not much of a computer genius, so if anyione could please help me out, it would be really appreciated.

I leave here my specs, if anyone has any idea or suggestion, please let me know.


2.66GHz Intel Core 2 DuoT9550 (1066MHz FSB, 6MB L2 Cache)

Chipset: SiS 671DX+968 <li>4GB PC2-6400 RAM (2GB x 2GB)

500GB Seagate 5400rpm


18.4" 1080P HD FHD LCD 1920x1080 (Glossy)

Optical Drive: BD-ROM + DVDRW+/-

Wireless: Atheros AR928x B/G/N Wifi and Bluetooth 2.0


P.S. If you think the problem is the distro (noit compatible with my notebook etc...) just let me know. Thanks for your time, and keep up with this helpful forum!!! ;)

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