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Broadcom BCM43225


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Hello All,


I have tried many kext but i was not able to make this wireless module to work. Have anyone successfully make BCM43225 working? If yes please share with us how.






Did you try adding the pci-vendor ID to the script located here?





You'll find the vendor portion is the 14E4 part and the following 4 digit hex number is the device specific ID. It looks like PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_xxxx where the 'xxxx' is the 4 digit hex value you're looking for. You probably don't need to worry a whole lot about the subsystem specific information (that's the part that starts with &SUBSYS_xxxxyyyy) or the REV number ( &REV_zz ).


This assumes you have the INF for your device.


If not, then: I'd start at your laptop vendor's web-site and get their driver installer for that wifi nic. In that package you'll find the INF used by windows to install the driver. Search the INF for "43225" and you'll probably hit a device descriptor line that contains the pci/vendor id number.


NOTE: you might find multiple entries for the same search string

that is to say, searching for "43225" might give you several different pci id (the 4 digit hex number following the vendor id, which is probably 14E4, as mentioned above). It's probably safe to add them all to the script.


you don't need to have windows installed on that laptop (I'm assuming that because the 43225 looks like a combined bluetooth+wifi mini pcie adapter used in laptops)... but you'll need to be able to extract the INF from the installer packager somehow. For instance, HP typically has a self extracting executable that temporarily writes the files to a location before launching the real driver installer. You'll need a windows setup to run the self extracting part, at least up to the point where the packaged files are extracted. Don't cancel at that point because the installer might delete the files... Just don't go any further than extraction... Go find the temp files (specifically the INF file) and copy them someplace else, then cancel the install. You should be able to do this with most self-extracting software, not just drivers...


Let us know if this works for you...

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