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OS X in vmware is slow


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i have downloaded a vmware image os x 10.6.4 and it works 100% but its a little slow.


the graphics and the dock are not running smooth.


i gave the virtual machine 4 gb ram and 8 cores to work with, but its still not running smooth.


where is the problem? the laptop should be fast enough to run win 7 and os x (vaio specs in sig.)



i also tried to install iatkos s3 but had problems with sound and internet.


i saw some tuts to install os x from a retail dvd.

when i buy a retail dvd would i have the same problems with sound and internet,

as i had on iatkos s3?



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I haven't played with VMWare, but in Virtualbox, the VM seems to slow down A LOT if you give it more than one core. Also according to some articles, Virtualbox is just generally faster than VMWare (and it's totally free). Look for a guide by Lifehacker using the Hazard distro on Virtualbox if you are interested.


There is no 3D acceleration in Virtualbox so probably none in VMWare.


I only give the OS X guest 512 MB of RAM and default 10 MB of video ram, runs no problems. Using the Hazard distro, internet (NAT and Host-only) work out of the box. Sound does work not but there is a patch on the Virtualbox forums, but sound is very poor.


If you saw guides installing retail SL then it was most likely onto a native Mac VM host because that is the only situation it was designed / licensed for. If you're on a PC host then the retail DVD won't be any easier, you will still need to hackintosh it (bootloaders, custom kernels etc) so may as well just use a pre-made distro with nearly vanilla options.

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