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Chameleon resetting "boot" flag on partition.

Mr Rez

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I've got a small problem with my boot setup. I have 3 bootable partitions, with Ubuntu on the first, OSX on the second and Win 7 on the last.


I want to use Grub as my main bootloader/menu screen, and it can boot ubuntu (obviously) and chainload the Win 7 loader and Chameleon on the other partitions. So all good there.


For some reason, however, every time I boot OSX (via Chameleon) the "boot" flags on my partitions are changed, removing the flag from the linux partition and applying it to the OSX partition. So the next time the computer starts up it goes directly to the Chameleon menu.


Now it's not a big deal Chameleon can boot all my OS's also but I'm wondering why it insists on taking over as the active/boot partition?


Anyone got any ideas?



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