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Dell Inspiron 530 leopard and snow leopard problems


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Man, I just typed about 1000 words and it got f'ed up!!!! I hate that lol!! Anyway, I've been trying to install leopard or snow leopard to my system now for a few hours. I am installing it on an 80g partition after vista. I do have another drive if thats easier.


I've tried snow leopard universal 3.5 dvd and iatkos 7 as well as some random one from youtube(not retail). The snow osx universal 3.5 dvd doesn't even make it to the install screen. Niether does the from youtube. I get that stupid warning sign(O with a diagnol line through it). I booted with -v and the last two lines are:


Extension "com.apple.driver.i tunesPhoneDriver" has no explicit kernel dependency; using version 6.0


still waiting for root device




The iAtkos 7 dvd did install although after I restart(after fixing bootloader and installing easybcd in vista)in leopard I get that stupid warning sign over the better looking apple. I tried reinstalling with different options but none worked.


I tried following topics on this forum but got no luck.


Tried this tutorial but you have to install leopard first?? If I could do that I would be happy lol but I would really rather have snow leopard.




I've read that people use Empire efi 1.08 and boot 123 but what exactly is this for? Is it so you can use a retail dvd or something? I've seen some people say they have installed osx with empire efi +boot123 +iatkos 7+retail snow osx. Whats up with that? Do you really need all of that?


I just want to find a way that works to install leopard or snow leopard on my dell inspiron 530 with onboard everything. Specs should be in my sig. Any help would be really appreciated!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!


I have been working on pc's for about 15 years but I would really like to get into osx. I have very little experience with linux as well.

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I got leopard 10.5.7 installed via iatkos v7. For anyone with my same specs, this is how I did it.


First off, I didn't choose any customizations. This is why it wouldnt boot. All I chose to get it to work was intel sata, intel pro 100, usb, and ntfs3(I know this isn't needed).


It would boot just with intel sata but the network card didn't work. The only thing that doesn't work right is the video now. Its stuck in 1024x768. Sound, lan, and usb all work flawlessly! This is without loading any kexts or anything. Didn't even have to restart once!


I'm going to get a new video card but not sure which one yet. If anyone could reply and let me know what the easiest one to get working on 10.5.7 I would really appreciate it. I'm thinking an 8800gt because they are so popular. Probably alot of help on the net.


Its also dual boot with vista which is cool.

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