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A greeting and some noob questions


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Hello, My name is Art and I first wanted to introduce myself. I'm brand new here and a noob on this new topic of the hackintosh. I'm not a noob went it comes to computers. I have years of experience with windows and yes even the dread Dos. I have used Macs in the past but only as an end user. I'm work in IT as a web designer and system jr admin. I read an article about Hackintosh in the magazine Maximum Pc and thought that's an awesome idea and now I'm here.


Now comes the noob questions. ;)


1) something I haven't seen in readings. Is it better to use a PS/2 keyboard and mouse or a usb set?


2) From my brief reading on this site. I gather that you don't recommend using and older install such as leopard 10.4 or 10.5? Is this a guideline or a general warning?


3) I ask question 2 because I was looking around the HCL on the wiki and saw that my old system would work fine as Leopard is supported but Snow Leopard is not. As my Mac unit would not have to be cutting edge. I thought this would save me money.


My system I'm looking at is this

Gigabyte GA-K8N pro SLI Motherboard

AMD athlon64 x2 2.0(o.c. 2.2) cpu

MSI N220GT nvidia 512mb

1gb ram

250gb sata hard drive

sound blaster live

internal network (active) and sound (not active)


4) Some thing I'm a little confused about. If I were to use something like chameleon then I would need 1 drive that would be partitioned something like A] win7/xp B] OSX C] common storage for both but I can't have multiple drives unless I used something like the EFIX 1.1 usb dongle. Right or wrong ?


5) last one, If I read right any Windows version has to installed on FAT32 and not on NTFS. Yes? If you had an external drive would it have to be partitioned as well ?


Thanks for any help. I'm off to the tutorials


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