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New Mac Pro Project - Advice and Spec Check


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Hi Guys, After being inspired from a few fantastic mods on here from the likes of AquaMac and Co im going to have a go myself. Done quite a bit of reading through project logs and hoping to get some advice on pointers from those with experience. I will be doing a full project log and will write a guide at the end if wanted. Having some difficulty in deciding between two models of the Apple Mac Pro cases for this project which i hope to start within the next couple of weeks. Hoping to keep the build 100% original with maybe some stealth water cooling. Components will be: -


i7 950 (Purchase £217)

Rampage 3 Gene (Purchased £189)

Corsair 6GB Dominator Ram (Purchased £100)

Asus GTX 470 (Purchased £190)

PSU - Undecided as might be able to use Apple one?? any help here?

100GB SSD & 500GB Back Up Drive

2007 Case (£160 with PSU NEW) or Newer 2009 Case (£199 with PSU New)


I’ve all ready got a couple of the older G5 cases but am going to pass on them and am looking at the two below. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


One on right is the older one and one on left is the latest design (as you allready know!! just copied and pasted over from another forum) . Exterior is identical. I reakon i could probably hide more stuff in the older model like maybe a rad behind the left hand shroud or a res/pump etc. Undecided on which internals look better? which is really the main sticking point right now!! I cant seem to find any project using the newer model on here so if anybody can point me in the right direction that would be great.


Sorry if the above is a little jumbled but hope someone will take time to read and advise. thanks



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