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Sleeping Issues


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I have been using Leopard 1.5.8 for about a year now. I've only had one minor issue with it: when waking up from sleep mode sound will stop working in any open application like Firefox, VLC and so on. This is solved by restarting the apps...


However I thought I'de finally give Snow Leopard a chance and see if it would solve this issue. So I followed the Lifehacker guide and installed it today. Indeed it solved the problem with sound, but now the keyboard is acting up instead. Whenever I go to sleep and wake up the keyboard is totally unresponsive. I've tried all different USB jacks without luck. I've also tried updating the BIOS to the latest version (F10). Then I tried with Cartris Mac Bios 0.8... Whatever I try the keyboard keeps freezing... all the other usb devices come back fine.


I've searched the forum but couldn't find anything quite like this. Do you have any suggestion?



Gigabyte GA-PA45-UD3P rev 1.0

Geforce 9500

Regular cheap USB keyboard





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