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USB Issues: G41M-ES2l


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Hey all,


When I try to plug in my Iphone or my Flash drive, they dont show up in finder, or on the desktop. They do receive power because the iphone charges and the flash drives power led lights up. However, when I plug in my External HD (powered from the wall instead of by USB), it works fine. I have also looked up some other tutorials on how to fix the problem and I came across this forum post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=95789


From here I found out that my System.kext version and my Kernal versions were both different, 10.4.0 and 10.0.0 respectively. The forum post mentions an older kernal version than what I have, so I dont know how to fix it.


Here is my Setup:

G41M-ES2l Motherboard

4gb Ram

700w Power Supply

8800GTS Graphics Card

E2200 2.20ghz OC'd to 3.02ghz

Dual Booting with Windows 7




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