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Kext and will it work help... iATKOS v7


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I have a HDD that is 320 GB, and I want to triple boot with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Mac OS X (iATKOS v7, I could go Snow Leopard install, but there is no full guide for that on the Inspiron 1545). Now, here are basic specs,


I have:


Dell Inspiron 1545

Intel Duo Core 2

3 GB of RAM, Windows 7 is x32 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is x64

if you need more, ask...


I found a guide on how to install it here


So basically my question is, I hear from other people with the inspiron 1545 that wireless don't quite work, not full res, sleep doesn't work, etc, where do I download these kexts and how do I install them? I have not found a clear answer yet, and I am a beginner to hackitosh, so I don't quite know. The guide above said too to install Linux for full res, I cannot do that. And overall the install will work fine right? Should boot up right? Thank you, this is my first post.


I'll add to this if I need to later.

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