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Can't get the right resolution


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Hi all, first post here...


The last few days I have been installing SL and trying to tweak it to a usable standard. I'm running an Intel DG31PR mobo and I have an Inno3d nVidia GeForce 9400 GT 512MB GPU.


So far i've managed to install from my retail disc using an EFI-X boot disc, I have installed other kexts i needed and now i have working sound and USB ports and even wifi. But i can't seem to get my graphics card to work properly!


After a lot of searching i used an EFI string in my boot.plist file in conjunction with NVinject which i updated with settings for my graphics card from EFI studio. I now get a list of available resolutions in system preferences > display and can change the resolution. Most of the time, however, it requires that i plug a DVI cable in, then unplug it, and use my VGA as normal with the new resolution (otherwise it's just a blue screen when i change it, even if i revert).


Also, the resolution I need is 1440 x 900 which isn't an option. At the moment i'm using 1600 x 1200, which - while better than 800 x 600, is not very usable.


I have tried putting it in using "Graphics Mode" both at the Chameleon boot loader and in my boot.plist, but it doesn't seem to do anything!


Any help is greatly appreciated...



I can use SwitchResX (an app that lets you use custom resolutions) to get the 1440x900 resolution I need, but it only works on VGA if my DVI lead is plugged in too. Nothing shows on the DVI input of my monitor, just a black screen and cursor. If i don't have the DVI cable plugged in, OS X just boots to a blue screen...


What I need is for the resolution to come straight up at 1440x900 from VGA output only. Is this do-able?

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