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Installed Snow Leopard Universal v3.6 (10.6.2) runs like a dream, but I can't put it to sleep


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I'm on Acer Extensa 5630Z, dualbooting with Win 7 / SL with EasyBCD.


Snow Leopard Universal v3.6 (10.6.2). This was the only DVD that even found my root device, others (iATKOS, Hazard) said they were still waiting for root device. ;)


I like this OS, it's a lot lighter than Win 7.


I'm using Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHZ

Graphics: Intel 4500MHD

Sound: Intel High Definition Audio (VoodooHDA)

Network: Atheros works natively with Airport, by using Netstat from Network Utility.

Trackpad/KB: VoodooPS2Controller


Everything runs nicely even the videos aren't so choppy as they were when I was running 10.5.8 Leopard, actually smooth :P, only except sleep isn't working.


What's happening is sleep, is when I click the apple icon in the top left corner, and put it to sleep... It doesn't go to sleep, instead the screen locks up. And when it locks up it doesn't even turn off the screen and lock up.


It locks up and the screen remains lit, showing my desktop. Mouse doesn't work, keys don't work.


I've tried SleepEnabler kext and used the bootflag for my SL build (pmversion=18), I put it in the Boot.plist.


Doesn't work.

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