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[eBay] Selling my Bad Axe 2 Motherboard


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I'm selling my old Bad Axe 2 Motherboard on eBay. There is no reserve and as of this post, it is going for $21.50.


There are two minor problems with it.

One: The ethernet port returns an invalid checksum on the PROM. Therefore, the ethernet port does not work in OS X. It works fine in Windows XP because the drivers are loaded from the software instead the device. I also have a simultaneous auction for a NetGear Gigabit Ethernet PCI Adapter that works well with OS X.

Two: The USB Expander bracket has one broken port out of four. This is pictured in the auction's gallery.


Link to Bad Axe 2 Auction


Link to NetGear Gigabit Ethernet PCI Adapter Auction


I also am selling my old Core 2 Duo Processor, 4x1GB DDR2 RAM, Case, Power Supply, and more, so if you are interested in some old computer parts for a low price (all no reserve auctions), check out the rest of my auctions at here.


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