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Mac mysteriously deletes files


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Hi, guys,


I am a new MacBook Pro user. I have the i7 with 8GM RAM. Lately my Mac has been deleting files mysteriously and it's driving me nuts. I do suspect it's an ID10T error! But what could I be doing?


For instance, I was copying my pictures over from my PC via the network. The Mac (must have) told the PC they were all received, so they PC deleted them. Now I can't find them on the Mac, and I've looked everywhere.


I literally spent the last two weeks undeleting files off one of my backup drives onto my NTFS drive (using the Mac and Paragon NTFS). Last night I told Adobe Lightroom to move the files (to the same location, though) so they would be in the catalog. Now they are ALL gone. When I try to undelete them (using VMWare, Win7, and an undelete utility) it cannot find ANY of the files, even using "deep scan". HELP. Oh no!


Actually, as I type this, could it be that because I was "moving" the files to the same location, the mac "moved" them and then deleted the old ones (in the same location)?????


Anyway. Any advice appreciated! Other than this, I enjoy the Mac.



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Not sure about the whole deleting files thing, but yes, moving files will delete the originals. If I am moving something I care about, especially something large, I never just move it. First you copy it over, then once you have verified it copied successfully, you can remove the original if need be.


As for files just being magically deleted, don't really know what to say about that.

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