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There are a lot of people here that enjoy making wallpapers, logos and stuff like that, for some designing is a hobby for other is their job. Seen the amount of user-made content like that, I would like to propose a contest of user submitted content.


I'm thinking of something in the lines of wallpapers, stickers (think "intel inside", people keep making them), and logos/visual identity; all about OSx86. the judges could be all of of us, I (or someone else) would post a new topic with polls for every category and images of the artwork, and anyone could vote.


Maybe limit the submissions to 2 wall papers, 2 stickers and one logo per participant. Not allowing small variations (like different colors)of the same design (submissions of the same category could be similar but have to different enough to be considered an independent piece), they could be integrated, or be part of a theme, or be completely independent.


Think about other possible categories, maybe animation/short-film?, but is important to keep the category count low.


What do guys think? ?

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