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[How To] (Only Real Mac) Fix Non-Startup Disk Black Screen Error


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Sometimes, it happens that when you try to turn your Mac. You get a black screen with an error saying Non-Startup disk.


Here's the solution.


1. Turn on your Mac by holding the Option/Alt key.

2. You should see Macintosh HD press enter, let it load

--- If you don't follow the next part of the procedure (which is easy) you will always have to hold the option key to boot ---

3. Go to System Preferences

4. Click the Startup disk PrefPane

5. Click on the lock on the lower left side of the window and put your password if you have one.

6. Then Click Macintosh HD and make sure it is selected.

7. Click the Lock again

8. Quit System Preferences.

9. Reboot and test.


Enjoy ! B)

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