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The Finale of Seem

OS X HDMI settings

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Long story short: New Mini, 37" Insignia HDTV. With an old MDP -> HDMI adapter, everything works just fine right off. Hook it up to the onboard HDMI and I get a pretty heavily overscanned image. Underscanning in the System Preferences looks like utter {censored}. It's a {censored}-poor scaler that leaves text looking ugly, blurred, and misshapen, as if I'm running it at a non-native resolution. TV menu settings are screwy. With the MDP adapter, I could only set aspect to wide or normal and it didn't make any difference. Overscan was available, but not needed as everything fit perfectly. With the onboard HDMI, I get wide, normal, zoom, and cinema aspect ratios, and overscan is off, but greyed out. So is "computer settings", which I discovered after the HDMI adapter croaked. A few plug/unplug sessions was just too much for that cheap piece of {censored}.


My theory: The TV, for whatever reason, saw that the MDP -> HDMI adapter was a computer. It sees the onboard HDMI as an A/V device, like a DVD player. Wonderful. I've been digging around in the System/Library/Extensions for any kext that might control HDMI settings. I get the feeling that if I tweak a few things, I can get the HDMI port to report properly and hopefully fit the screen as it should. Anyone know where such things might be squirreled away?


Friggin' Apple can't even implement HDMI properly. Unbelievable.

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