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Couldn't be more frustrated...

Here I am, running deadmoo's vmware natively (cheers, BTW, working great...). got almost everything to work except my audio.

it's a built-in sound max AC97.

no matter what I tried (an I have), it just won't work...

also, I still haven't been able to work with the release 1 patch for the DVD and from what I've seen this problem exists only on Northwood machines (P4/sse2) that don't have an intel chipset.

can anyone confirm (or rebute) this?


And to the developers of patches and solutions - thanks for all the great work you've been doing (working for me individually or not). your efforts did not go unnoticed. I'm not a programmer (although I do know something about programming) but I'm a fairly good analyst. If you need one - I'll be glad to assist...

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