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Support on-board audio


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Audio issue seems to be too complicated for a lot of people to get audio working, I'm in the midst of re-doing the installations options so to make life easier so I am asking for those who have the audio working to submit the changed kext's with a small doc with the details of any kext's that need to be deleted.


That means, provide all of the kexts you had to install/modify to get audio working.


If you have one of the following specific boards, then please send me a pm.


Intel D915GUX

Intel D945GTP

Intel D945GPM

Dell Dimension E310


If you have a board that you want supported please provide the mobo model and I'll include it.


You cannot submit instructions in your text file that requires editing of any files, these must be complete and working kext's for a specific model of mobo's so that an installer can be created to support it.

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