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transfer rate: why is there a difference?


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Hello Insane Mac members,


I am new to this forum but not to computers in general. A friend who is also a forum member gave me a couple of hackmacs. When this question came up he said to ask you; he is stumped.


I have a G4 single, a Mini single, Gigabyte/Intel Duo p[rocessor hackMac and gygabyte/Intel Quadprocessor hackMac networked at home on a new Ra-link wireless router My average Internet speed is 6-8 Mbps down and about 490 Kbps up. The last few days it has been dog slow; bad enough I called the ISP. They say I am fine on "their" end.


The Mini Leo single, and the Intel Leo Duo processor hackMac download @ about 6.8Mbps and upload 450Kbps. On the other hand, the Intel Snow quad processer hackMac downloads at about 2000 -2500 less Kbps than either Leo, and uploads as much as 469 Kbps slower than the Leeo machines. At one time last night the upload on the quad processor hack was 21Kbps!


My friend is an engineer who has played built computers for several years. He has no idea what is causing the speed difference, but thinks it may have to do with the distro builds and processors. I am not arguing the point. It simply blows my mind that a quad processor transfer/receive rates could actuallybe slower than a double processor hackMac or a 8-year old OS 9 Mac mini running Leopard. It's insane! I think it has more to do with the two wireless RF devices I have hooked up to Snow to (2) power the wirelss network and (2) driver wireless speakers and Internet music throughout the house.


Any insite would be greatly appreciated - especially if you've been there and seen that, too.





PS: I am a legaly blind senior and grandparent. My friend has been very generious with his time to teach me the essence of hacking and also how wireless devices can make my life easier and friendlier.

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