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One success, 7 failures, very weird


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I had the same problem with the installer as well: Mac OS X x86 boots, the gray screen with the apple comes up, after a while a blue screen appears.


Then, the problem: seven of eight times I try to boot it, it's stuck there. Doesn't do anything anymore, just show me the blue screen. The weird thing is, sometimes (one in eight times) it keeps working: the blue screen flashes to black and back once, and then the boot-process continues. It loads finder and I can use Mac OS X perfectly. Only when I try to shut it down, it gives me the same problem: it shuts down up until the blue screen, then it's stuck again. I haven't been able to link the succesfull boots to anything I did to my pc yet. (It's the same when I tried to install mac os x: sometimes the installer booted, most of the times it was stuck at the blue screen. It restarted fine though)


From experience I know that because of some weird problem, I have to use kernel-parameter "noapictimer" or "pci=noapic" or something like that, when I boot Linux, else it's stuck at "Uncompressing linux...", so maybe that's the problem, although obviously Windows boots perfectly well.


Some data:

Laptop MSI S260 (Centrino)

Pentium M 1.6ghz,

2x256mb RAM

Intel graphics (centrino, dunno what chip that is exactly)

Intel Wireless (IPW2200)

Realtek network card


I installed Mac OS X on a primary partition (8gb) right after windows, and just before an extended partition which holds my linux's.

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