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Mac stopped booting


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Hello! thanks for taking your time to read this ^.^ .So I haven't yet needed help with osx86 I got it working on my own after a few weeks of messing with options. I eventually got it running on my computer. I used aiktos v7 and my system specs are as follows:cpu is an AMD phenom II x4 3.4ghz ,mobo is an MSI NF980-G65, I have 4 GB of ram , two GPU's SLI configured GTS250 with 1 GB each(which I was unable to get the right kext for so if you could help with that too would be nice), and a soundblaster X-fi card, and 1 TB HDD seagate. Like I said before I had already gotten this to work for over a month and then one day I went to boot in and it gave me an error just after ACPI_SMC_Platform timeout. The error was AppleAHCIDiskQueueManager::setpowerstate(0x76d8600, 2 ->1) timed out {and then each time a different number of ms it took to time out all around the same} .My disk is set to ahci mode and it had no problems previously. I also tried to reinstall the Os but it gives the same error even with the new install. If it matters I have a quad boot with win 7 64bit xp home 32 and ubuntu linux that was again working fine for over a month.Any idea's or help would be greatly appreciated.O and one more thing I added macdrive to my windows 7 so I could see my mac drive but that was well over a week or two ago.

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