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Averatec N3400 W7 and 10.6.4 - no wireless on 10.6.4


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I have the above - works great - but while touch pad allows two finger gestures in Win 7, it does not respond in 10.6.4 so I must use a bluetooth mouse - and the airport function can not find a network despite the Win7 side having no problem.


Is there a "how to" on this machine as I am sure it is just parameter choices but I am new to Apple, and indeed to Win7 and Averatec N3400 and dare not change anything now that everything works (except the above). The Averatec folks just explain Win7 problems and tell me I an on my own with Apple OSX 10.6.4. icon14.gif



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What wireless device do you have? Did it work with any other version of OS X?


About multitouch - does your keyboard work, or you use usb one instead?

If yes - what PS2 kext do you use? Maybe ApplePS2Controller? Remove them then and use VoodooPS2Controller instead, repair permissions and rebuild .mkext, finally boot your OS with arch=i386. I will run Mac OS in 32-bit mode (VoodooPS2 does not work in 64-bit for me) and your touchpad shall work fine... maybe :P There's nothing sure about OS X on PC after all.

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