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[Help] Ethernet Adapter RTL8101e/80102e Rev02 - Not Working on Compaq Cq60-201el


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Hi guys... very new indeed... I'd say... Newbie !


I think I read every post in relation to the matter on the TopicTitle/Subject (I hope!).


I installed the RTGMac_v2.0.4 package, as suggested in this forum.

The installation seemed to be done correctly, but the ethernet card doesn't work.

No Internet Connection at all.


The Network Assistant seemingly jokes me around ! It behaves the very same way, and it gives me the very same routine of messages, either I have the ethernet cable plugged... or not !



The DHCP seemingly does the same trick. It assigns to the machine an Ip address, even when the ethernet cable is unplugged. Of course... I cannot access to the Internet.

Could be... magic ?!



[Wireless Card hasn't been recognized by the System at all, so no problem of confusion on that side... as far as the System is concerned... I have no Wireless Adapter]


The OS Info shows the next specfications:


Tipo: Controller Ethernet

Bus: PCI

ID produttore: 0x10ec

ID dispositivo: 0x8136

ID fornitore sottosistema: 0x103c

ID sottosistema: 0x360b

ID revisione: 0x0002

Ampiezza link: x1

Nome BSD: en0

Nome Kext: RealtekR1000SL.kext

Posizione: /System/Library/Extensions/RealtekR1000SL.kext

Versione: 2.0.0d1


It looks like the ethernet card is being correctly configured... but yet the card is not working and the internet is not accessible.


I tried to downgrade to RTGMac_v2.0.3, but NO CAN DO !

I can't uninstall v2.0.4, and for that reason the System doesn't let me downgrade the drivers, as for a newer release is installed onto the system.


I'm 100% sure the Modem/Router I use works fine... since I'm using it right now, with the very same Pc, through an Hdd where I installed Ubuntu.


Any Help?!


thanx in advance





Hardware&Software Specifications

MacOsX Snow Leopard v.10.6.3

Notebook: Compaq CQ60-201el (Italy)

Motherboard: 3612 Wistron 09.48

Bios: Hewlett-Packard v. f.33 (02/04/2009)

Cpu: Intel Celeron 585 2.16GHz

Video Adapter: Intel GMA (x) 4500 MHD

Wireless Adapter: Atheros Ar5007/Ar5001

Ethernet Adapter: Rtl8101e/8102e rev.02

Modem/Router AliceGate2Plus

Full Specs (Volumes Specifications are not to be taken into account)

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