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I am building inexpensive new PC, so I thought I could make a dualboot Snow Leopard & Win 7 (64bit). Here are my thoughts, you are welcome to give me your opinions



Intel Celeron 3300 (dual core)

Asus Nvidia geForce 8400 GS

4GB ram


Will all work straight from installation, or som modding is needed, especially for graphic.


It should be used for photoshop (cs5), lightroom, once in few months avid and thats it.


Any thoughts, opinions, and all welcome.


Thanks in advance

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Motherboard :

GA-G31M-ES2L Rev 2.0 Intel G31/ICH7


Board works, issues with a few things. (Just built PC on 9/17/2009)

Installed bootable USB with Snow Leopard and boot.plist

Sound RealTek ALC883 use DSDT patch and legacy kext

LAN Does NOT work OOB

SATA works OOB

sleep did not work OOB

only patches needed are needed for most boards, DSDT, Legacy Kexts, Disabler etc

Tested on :

C2D E8400 3G 775 45N, MEM 2GX2|MUSHKIN 996580 DII800, VGA EVGA 256-P2-N753-TR 8600GT 256M (need EFI String)

GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard, Seagate 500 GB HD, SONY DVD-DL


EFI and Kernel Works

Patching Required




GA-G31M-ES2L Rev 2.0 Intel G31/ICH7


A fairly straight forward install by a newbian

Created a USB installer with myHack Installer 1.0 RC4.1 + DSDT Patcher

Sound RealTek ALC883: Not being used so I didn't install

LAN: Didn't use onboard, used Netgear GA311

SATA works OOB

Sleep: SleepEnabler patch

Patches: com.apple.Boot.plist, GraphicsEnabler, LegacyAppleRTC, fakesmcV2, NullCPUPowermanagement, OpenHaltRestart, PlatformUUID


Tested On:

Celeron 430, 2GB Kingston Value RAM, Asus EN8400GS 512M, GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L Rev 2.0 BIOS FB



Celeron Processor will Probably Need Legacy Kernel


Nvidia 8400GS Reported as working With EFI code





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