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Socket 1156 Motherboard Suggestions

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I keep changing my mind about what components I want to build a Hackintosh out of but I am finally ready to settle down and pick a motherboard now. I have decided I want to go with a Socket 1156 based motherboard instead of a 775 based one so now I am back to square one on researching motherboards and figured I might as well pick the brains here to help me narrow down the options.


So here is my list of features I want:


Easy Install and setup because I want a machine I can use not a machine I am always having to work on

ATX Form Factor

Socket LGA 1156

4 RAM Slots

At least 1 16x PCIe 2.0 slot

The more SATA connectors the better

64 bit supported

New and in stock at NewEgg or other well known seller (i.e. no discontinued get it on eBay boards)

$250 max but I would rather get something in the $150 price range


Other features that would be nice:


On-board USB 3 (for when it is supported in the future)

On-board Gigabit Ethernet

On-board Firewire


So any suggestions would be appreciated.

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