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USB Issues: G41M-ES2l


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Hey all,


Thanks for looking at this post, I appreciate even that.


Anyways to the problem: I have Snow Leopard Running fine on my custom built pc.




E2200 Processer

Gigabyte G41m-ES2L motherboard

4gb Ram


So here is the thing. The OS can recognize the external hard drives that I had inserted during installation (I havent ejected them since). However, whenever I try to plug in another USB device, such as my Ipod Touch or Cruzer USB Flash Drive (4gb), it doesnt get recognized (iTunes gets and error message complaining about how it cant connect to the device). There is one more issue - I cant get my PS/2 keyboard to recognize in OSX, is there a fix around that as well?


Thanks once again,



PS. Dont hesitate to ask for any more info. Ill get back to you ASAP.

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