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Some Game Problems


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Hey, I just recently bought a black MacBook (1gb RAM and 80gb hdd) And Unreal Tournament 2004


UT04 works perfectly, no problems yet


I Bought Diablo 2 Battlechess, everything installed fine, but only software rendered graphics and windowed opengl graphics work, I was wondering if there was some fix to use full screen opengl graphics...


I also bought Starcraft, after I downloaded the installer, everything worked fine, but it is only in 4:3, does anyone know if there is a universal patch to make it widescreen?


Warcraft III and Frozen Throne weren't working at all, so I deleted the movies, and now it works fine, I was wondering if there is a patch to let it run on intel macs without having to get rid of the movies.


I tried to install Quake 4 using my PC version of it, but this didnt work, so I downloaded it for mac, and a crack for it (Quake4.v1.0.4[b330].Cracked.dmg). The only problem is my crack only works under rosetta, and I want to upgrade Quake 4 to 1.2 so I can use both of my processor's cores. Is there a universal binary crack for 1.2?


Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help.

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