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Blank Screen?


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Just thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone has had similar issues. I am running the following hardware...


AMD Athlon 3000+ Venice S754 SSE3

ATI Radeon X1600 Pro AGP


1X WD 250GB . 1X WD 80GB HD

Gigabyte K8VT800M Motherboard ( Via Chipset)

OS X 10.4.6 GoatseCX lol , using the Boris Native method for my X1600 ( Perfect)


I am loading with the chain0 method and that has never been a problem , but sometimes while loading right before it will go to the desktop I will get a blank screen , always a solid color like blue , red , green , black etc and it will just stay there , no desktop or anything comes up. If I reboot a few times or boot in to Windows and then reboot and try again eventually it will come up and everything will be perfect. I have always assumed that this was par for the course while running OSX86 , but I was just curious if anyone else was having these issues and have any comments , feedback or fixes. Thanks in advance!

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