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Time Capsule undetected


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I have a 500GB Time Capsule that is connected to my 10.5.8 install on a desktop via ethernet. The disk does not show in Time Machine. I can mount it directly via the Finder using afp:// Airport Utility cannot detect the TC, but I can manually configure the TC via Airport Utility's configure other option (enter IP and password.)


That said, the Airport Utility for Windows running on my Windows 7 disk works just fine. It detects the AP and disks mount automatically via the Airport Utility in the taskbar.


Back to my OSX86 install; I'm not using a firewall and Little Snitch is disabled. So, something on the OSX install is keeping the TC from being detected. I'm automounting the TC using AFP so that TM can use the disk (using Open at Login).


Anyone else experience this? Also, the Finder and iTunes cannot detect locally connected Macs on my subnet. I can manually connect to them via the Finder's Connect to Server utility.


hmmm, very strange.

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