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need help with creating pkg installer (modding existing pkg)

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I have been messing with PackageMaker for Snow for quite a while, also with 3rd party packagers like Iceberg, Packages etc, but keep on running into probs.


I dmg'ed and uploaded the original pkg + the file to be replaced here: http://www.multiupload.com/GXQJ46M52C


The modded Flash Player.plugin needs to go into Adobe Flash Player.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz, replacing the existing lzma compressed one. I included the plugin uncompressed so you have a virgin state, to eliminate lzma compression issues.


I really want to learn how to do this. If you can produce a working installer with the files I provided please share the how2 with me!


FYI: the flash player plugin is a mod which works with Firefox 3.6.x, which the current Player from Adobe doesn't. This mod naturally also works with Safari & Chrome as supposed to. More info here. The terminal-based command script there obviously does not work for everybody so I want to go the "original" way.


[EDIT]: the installer also needs to contain flashplayer.xpt (attached)


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Here's Dajjal's contribution which he sent to me via PM:

if i understand correctly u want the Flash Plugin to go into the Package,thus replacing the Original one right?if so here's how to do it.


1.Right click Show Contents

2. double click on Archive.pax.gz (This will expand the folder most likely into your dl folder if it's mounted)

3.Drag flash player into the Archive folder (If that where u want it to be.)

4.type ditto -c into terminal and drag the archive file into it,then drag it a second time.

5.Press delete to remove the space left from the second time u draged it and type .pax

ditto -c /Users/Slimjids/Desktop/Adobe\ Flash\ Player.pkg/Contents/Archive /Users/Slimjids/Desktop/Adobe\ Flash\ Player.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax

6.This will create a file called Archive.pax

7.Type gzip -9 and drag the file Archive.pax into terminal,press enter and it will ask u if u want to replace the file that already there ,press y,then enter.

gzip -9 /Users/Slimjids/Desktop/Adobe\ Flash\ Player.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax 

gzip: /Users/Slimjids/Desktop/Adobe Flash Player.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz already exists; do you wish to overwrite (y or n)?

10.Delete the folder that u extracted an there u have the package.


Hopes this helps.Bless

This works with any pax.gz.


As a site-note, for those that might try to reproduce above procedure: the reason why the Flash 10.1 installer refuses after repacking is because Adobe is using a proprietary lzma algorithm to encrypt the plugin in the archive, whyever, and the installer app will not copy the plugin because it wants to decrypt and we can only compress lzma unencrapted .. However, Dr. Hurt solved that in my Flash topic (link above) by creating a flat package installer (I think with Apple's Package Maker), so all is good -_-

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A Big thanks guys , i riding so many sites for this one ,big congratz from France ;)



Edit : Humm Dajjal's ? Indeed your tha beast :)

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Hi today i have a problem


Every time i try to compress a pax.gz via terminal all seem to work but once decompressed all file are transformate into a simple archive called "contents"



This procedure was working last night (great) i don't understand why it wont work now :wacko:



Any help will be greatly appriecied .

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