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Mac OSX Dual Boot on Alienware Auroa


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Hey guys,


At my new workplace i do video editing full time on Mac's and now i need a Mac at home but i really dont want to junk my monster Alienware machine and buy a Mac when i have a power house here that could be setup with OSX, i hope.


Basically along time ago before my hardware was supported i tried to drop an OSX on my machine with failure of mass proportions!!! I was wondering if i can get a little help please, below is my specs can some one please recommend what version of OSX i should use to get OSX running on my machine. Should i use the original Leopard which i currently have at home on my wifes Mac. Or should i use a version floating around on the net, which i tired last time with not much success.


Sorry im at work now so these specs are off the top of my head.


Alienware Aurora


Intel i7 - 860

Intel X58 Motherboard - i believe!

ATI 5870

8gig DDR3

Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM HDD


I will be wanting to do a duel install on one HDD as i dont have 2 currently. I already have windows 7 running on this machine, so i believe i just have to make a HFS+ partition on my current HDD to allow the install of OSX.


What version of OSX should install, original which i have or the can someone tell me which of the many online versions should i use. Any special things i should do with my system to get a higher rate of success when installing OSX. I have gone through most of the process before but failed, this time i want in!


Much appreciated guys!

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First just because it bugs the hell out of me it is Dual, as in two, not duel, as in pistols at dawn. The best advice I can give you is to give it a try. The worst that could happen is you could overwrite the mbr and make windows unbootable.


Just try it and back everything up first. The main problems you are going to run into are with that graphics card which I have heard problems with.


For version I would stick to 10.6.3/4 and make sure you buy the retail disk and don't advertise piracy since this board doesn't like it.


Note: I am not an expert I am just someone who got it working.

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Dual, i know just a mistake.


I noticed all of internet versions all over this forum so i thought it was ok to mention it, i mean there are whole thread dedicated to downloaded versions. Anyway i will try the retail i spose and see what happens.


Last time i installed the retail i made window unbootable then i had to fix the boot paths.

Does that mean i was doing something wrong to get that issue. OSX installed but i could not get it running.

My retail is just a Leopard version of the OSX.


Sorry i have a i7 - 920 not 860!!!

I used belarc to find out my mobo and it said.

Alienware 0H869M A00


I have a retail vesion of leopard is that do-able so to speak?

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