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Hangs at MAC Framework Successfully initialized


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I have tried 2 different distro's, iaktos 10.5.7 and ipc 10.5.6 Final on a Dell D600 following a guide I found on here.. No matter what I do,



I get a Mac Framework Successfully initialized

using 3932 buffer headers and 3932 cluster IO buffer headers


If I change the amount of RAM, the error numbers change.. do I have some bad ram? This d600 was picked together from 2 other's. It has the original mobo, and hdd, but a replaced monitor and dvd-rw drive.



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That makes two of us, D600 10.5.1 gets to the same spot and hangs. Try booting in single user mode -s. If that fails to take you to

a prompt you have something else going on. I can get to a prompt at this point, but really don't know from there. Trying to find the rest of the starups rc scripts. Good luck

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I wouldn't use Leopard (10.5) if I were you. It's obsolete, and since you can run Snow Leopard (and even Lion if you have Intel Core) on your computer, use Snow Leopard.


Also, don't use a distro (iAtkos, Hazard, etc) for two reasons:


1) It's blatant piracy. Absolutely illegal


2) They are extremely unstable. You will run into problems left and right that you wouldn't have run into with a retail installation.



Now, if you just have to download OS X, download a retail disc. A tip: avoid a particular 10.6.7 labeled disc that is actually 10.6.8. If you want a good retail installation guide that's as easy as a distro, look at the guide in my signature.


And welcome to both of you. :)

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