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HP 530 issues


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Hi mates..how are u doing? ;)

okay..let's tell u the issue i am facing right now..few days back i installed the IATKOS flavor of OS X 10.5.6, on my hp 530 notebook.i followed all the instructions available for my model on the wiki page...but seems am not that much fortunate to get a working M(H)acintosh.I booted up after lots of trial & error,finally.But the problem was elsewhere.after few mins of booting the machine was freezing up...& no controls were working.Then i had to turn my notebook forcibly off.So it seemed that was a problem regarding the kernel.Apart from that sometimes when i just started the booting procedure,it was suddenly halted at some point...leaving the only option to press the power key to turn off.


So,i seriously doubt whether the claim of the tutorial in the wiki page is valid or not.(http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.6/Portables#HP_530)


To me it seemed that this OS X is not capable to use the hardware resources in a good way..So as a protege if i'm wrong anywhere,please let me know...& also tell about your experiences(preferably same hardware,but all are cordially welcomed)..Thanks all...Good day! :)

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