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Im purchasing a new PC in the next month and wanting to know if it'll be compatible with OSX86, I like messing around and trying new things, I've had experience with lots of Linux distros and in my eyes OSX86 is the next step. Below you'll find the CPU and motherboard that I've chosen, Im skipping on Conroe (I'll wait for the Quad-Cores) and Im picking up a cheap Pentium D.


Pentium D 915 (2.8Ghz) or 945 (3.4Ghz)


1GB DDR2 667 RAM (Will eventually upgrade to 2GB)


The ASUS is based on the i945G chipset so it contains the GMA950. Whats this im hearing about the ITE IDE (UltraDMA 133) controller not working? Would it mean that I'd have to use the ICH7 South Bridge (UltraDMA 100, SATA300)? Will I be able to run all the graphic options, use the internet, audio etc? Will this setup rip through OSX 10.4 and beyond? In terms of performance what would it be comparible to in the MacWorld? 2Ghz Core Duo? PowerPC (I currently own a 1Ghz G4)?



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