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GMA 950 Graphics performance poor after 10.6.3 update


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Hi all,


I've been running 10.6.0 with no problems on my Gateway laptop for a few weeks now. However I had to update to 10.6.3 to install XCode - the update went fine, restarted no problem, but now I'm seeing pretty poor graphics performance. When opening Applications for example, the animation is sluggish and choppy where before it had been smooth.


I've tried replacing the IntelGMA and IntelligentBuffer kexts with ones that are supposedly patched for the GMA 950 on 10.6.3 but all these do is give me a blank screen on booting and force me to do a restore from Time Machine which is incredibly time consuming.


For reference, I'm running on an Intel motherboard with GMA950 graphics. Can anyone suggest what I might do to get things running smooth again as they were before the update (beyond doing a restore of course)?




My hardware:


Core2Duo 1.66Ghz

Intel GMA 945/950 graphics

Intel 3945 A/B/G wireless

Intel/Realtek HD Audio




Edit - I saw this in another thread after some searching but I don't understand most of the terminology in the post so I don't know what to do. Can anyone please explain this to me so I can give it a go?


You can use stock GMA950 Snow Leopard kexts with an easy dsdt patch.


Get the DSDTEditor from here




It inserts the code blocks automatically in the right places. The scripts don't always work on any motherboard. If they don't report it in the thread and if you're lucky like me someone helps you out.


Now you have to insert the patches DTGP and GMA950 desktop.


First extract a .dsl from system. Then compile it to .aml and save it as dsdt.aml.

If you already have a working dsdt.aml just without video patch you can skip this step.


Now load the patch DTGP from file. It's inside the DSDTEditor/patches folder. Apply it.


Same thing with the GMA950 desktop patch.


Compile the new dsdt.aml and save it under this name.


Replace your old dsdt.aml with the new one and reboot. If you're lucky you have full resolution or can adjust it in the system preferences.

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