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OSX Build Crashing - Source?

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I am having a weird issue with my recent OSX (intended) build. As a windows guy I popped on 7 after building the machine to check if there were any hardware issues first before trying to install OSX. I have some weird issues:


1. The computer will seem to crash if left idle for more than say ~20 minutes.

2. The computer does not crash when under intensive use, such as playing Far Cry 2 at maximum settings in Direct X 9.

3. Ran Memtest 86 and Prime95 overnight, both were fine.

4. Tried 3dmark vantage, fine.

5. During DVD playback it often BSOD's with some error message about video


The computer also will randomly "crash" if slightly disturbed (I bumped it once). The weird part is that it does not BSOD or freeze fully, but usually go into a state of extreme slowness (cursor can barely even be moved). Once in a blue moon it will BSOD with video driver errors. I tried reinstalling drivers and whatnot, but it did not seem to help. I have a small case but plenty of fans, and a huge cpu cooler. I am thinking that it must be the Videocard, or perhaps the PSU. Memory would normally be in question but it seems to have passed memtest so.....



i7 860 1156

Gigabyte UD2 matx Mobo

Radeon 4870 Video

8 gigs corsair memory

Thermaltake 850 PSU (single +12v, 62a, it looked good at the time)

LG Blu Ray ( I think LG? )

1 500 gig Sata ( I believe WD or Seagate)

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