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how to install 10.5.6 in pentium 4? how cuztomize iDeneb or iatkos?

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My pc


Motherboard:Intel Southlake

Pros: Pentium 4


I had iatkos v4, but I tried update to 10.5.6 for safari, iLife, etc.... well, I can´t, restart and restartd, I tried many customizes, but nothing work... apple forbidden sign, restart, o not load... I install kext disables y appledecript before, the update no work, iatkos v7 no work too, now I want to install iDeneb 10.5.8 because I read that iDeneb works in pentium 4, could you tell me, How customize iDeneb 10.5.8 or iAtkos v7 for pentium 4... I tried of thousand ways... thanks


Well i have 2gb ram, I want to install iatkos v7, or ideneb 10.5.8, as I tell you before, I have a pentium 4, I should try with voodoo 9.5, or what kernel? I have had iatkos v4, work perfect... but I need 10.5.6 for ilife, new safari, no can´t install iatkos v7, many problems, in the start.. a apple banned... how could configure ideneb or iatkos v7 for that work in my machine?


Kernel voodoo, toh, or what?

Can I install all drivers for that there´s no problems?


PD: My english is bad... I´m sorry, but what tell me, It will be helpful

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