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My first post....yippie!!! ;)


I downloaded the 10.4.6.install.dvd.iso (jas), and followed all the steps of the installation process, till I got to the part where I'm supposed to convert the new osx partition to mac os extended (journaled). But when I press "Erase free space", I get a message saying that it failed. It said:


"A disk with a mount point is required".


So I tried selecting the partition to the left, and then clicking on the "Mount" symbol at the top, but it also failed, and I was told to analyse with the first aid thing. But first aid gave me no errors, and everything was fine according to it.


So now my question is, how do I mount the partition (which is what I have to do, right?)? How do I give it a mount point, so I can continue with the installation?


All help appreciated!


EDIT: I fixed the problem. What I did wrong was pressing the "erase free space" button instead of pressing "erase".

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