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SL on Asus G73 notebook

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The specs are:


Intel HM 55 chipset

Mobility Radeon 5870

i7 1.6ghz


This should be possible to install on, right? Well I can't get the installation to boot, it restarts and then loops endlessly in a circle. Any advice?


p.s. Im quite a newb


I tried with iAtkos s3 v2 btw.

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how do you mean it worked

I did install a vanilla install too but useless without graphics QE and {censored}

so have you done that and 10.6.4?


Did u get the wifi working in SL - if yes whats ur wifi model - the azurewave/atheros one or intel 6200 please ?? I think the Graphics card will be sorted soon as new Mac Pro uses a similar make Graphics card ;)



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