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TP-Link WN321G connection problems

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I recently managed to install Snow Leopard on my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li2735 notebook / laptop, using the iAtkos S3 distro. Initially, when I installed I could not connect to the internet as my USB wireless adapter did not work, owing to the fact it was an unsupported chipset inside it or something. I went out and purchased a TP-Link WN321G as a replacement. According to the documentation that came in the box, the adapter has a Ralink chipset, which is compatible, from what I can tell.


During the OSX86 install, I installed all the kexts relating to Wireless, in the hope I'd get the ones I needed for my machine to connect to the internet. According to the USB Wireless Utility under the Applications folder, I am connected successfully to the internet. According to the Ralink program as well, I am connected to the internet. When I open Safari though, it decides I am not connected to the internet and will not display any webpages. According to a quick Google search, my TP-Link adapter uses the RT73 chip in particular. I am attempting to connect to a BT Home Hub (second generation). When booting with Windows 7 Ultimate, I can connect to the internet perfectly. According to the wireless utility that came bundled with my adapter, I am both transmitting to my router, and receiving information from it. In the OS X partition, I am apparently receiving, but not transmitting. In both scenarios I have some option called Radio on, as it cuts off internet connection if it is off.


This is my first venture into the world of Hackintoshing, and as such I am extremely new to it. I probably won't understand most of the techniques and advanced stuff. I could take images of the window inside my OS X partition though, and bring them here, on one condition: someone explains how I can change my keyboard configuration. As it is, the Ctrl key is not acting as the Command key. I've probably done something wrong, or not done something at all, so any advice is really appreciated. BTW, if I do perform some screen captures, would it be more logical to black out my IP Address, Subnet Mask and all that stuff before using the images? I think it would be, personally.

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just uninstall the driver that you install before, then

use driver for RT257X that TP-LINK WN321G use.

you can download here:


install it depend of your osx is that 10.4 or 10.5 or 10.6


after that go to root/system/library/startupitems/

delete rt73 ralink wireless manager folder.


so you only have drver instaleld without ralink wireless manager


then.. use this tool raling wireless perfpane install it.




plug your wn321g

go to system preferences open ralink wireless at bottom


thats it. you should surf now



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