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i7 930 Asus P6t SE HELP

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I hope you find this well... I am new to the OSx86 project and would like some help to hackintosh my P6t se...


I have tried Hazard's distro but I always get a system uptime in nanoseconds hang...


This is my system build


Processor: i7 930

Motherboard: Asus P6T SE (BIOS REVISION 8050)

Ram: OCZ Obsidian O.C 1600 mhz (stable)

Video Card: HD 5770 or HD 5670 (I happen to have both :( )

Monitor: Dell 2405 FPW


anything I happen to be missing?


I am also waiting on a snow leopard disk to come from amazon... maybe 1 or 2 days...


Please Help and Thanks in Advance



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