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Giulystalling Snow Leopard


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... or using prasys' USB stick method from Linux-LiveCD/DVD.

If you have a GNU/Linux distribution installed on your computer, skip steps 1+2


1) Get your favorite GNU/Linux Live-CD/DVD and burn it.

2) Boot it

3) Change to root (sudo -s)

4) Download the Giulystall-Archive (MD5: 3c6d1fe7c0b3891fcf73027793e0ccd8) and extract it (tar xvjf Giulystall.tar.bz2; cd Giulystall)

5) Modify install.sh (nano install.sh)

#Path to your USB Stick or hard drive you want to copy the Install-DVD
#Partition Number, may be blank for some usb sticks, or other then "1" (I.e. U3$
#Path to vanilla Snow Leopard DVD image (DMG) or /dev/dvd
#Mount Point the USB stick gets mounted
#Install legacy_kernel? set to "Y" if so.

Pretty straight forward.

6) Gather your needed kexts and put them into the Extensions folder

7) Run the script (./install.sh)

8) Reboot, boot the USB-stick, install Mac OS X - After the install it reboots.

9) Boot the USB-Stick again, click next in the installation until the menu bar pops up at the top, and open the Terminal via the "Utilities" menu

10) Modify the install.sh to install to your harddrive and partition where you installed Snow Leopard instead.

11) Run install.sh again

12) Reboot via reboot command on the terminal

13) Choose Snow Leopard drive when Chameleon is booted

12) Enjoy the Mac OS X Welcome video (If you put the right sound kexts into Extensions in step 6, even with sound)


If this is voodoo magic and people shouldn't know this, remote the thread.

The only differences from prasys' method are using mkfs.hfsplus to create the filesystem, using dd instead of fdisk to write the MBR and omitting the kextcache command which isn't really needed.


If you can't boot from the USB-Stick, you may need to set the partition to type "AF" with fdisk. If so, please leave a note, and I'll add a call to fdisk in the script. I haven't tested the script itself, but I have installed Snow Leopard on my Laptop like this.


May someone go ahead, click something together in Glade and make a GUI which downloads kexts for particular hardware direct into the Extensions folder.



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Page 3, Seriously? I guess I must have missed the Über-method that was introduced after Empire-EFI and the discovery that you can create the USB-Stick without Mac OS X. Or are we back again at the iDeneb, iAtkos, Kalyways etc. era?

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