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Let's talk firmwaresyncd

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So I've attempting to track down some random panics I've been getting. Let me state from the beginning -- I do not believe this is my panic problem. I've been going through logs with a fine-toothed comb and noticing frequent occurrences of the following:


 Jul 25 21:33:34 snowmain firmwaresyncd[61]: /sbin/fsck_msdos exited with 8
Jul 25 21:33:34 snowmain firmwaresyncd[61]: Command /sbin/fsck_msdos output: ** /dev/disk0s1\nInvalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: fa31c0
Jul 25 21:33:34 snowmain kextd[17]: updated kernel boot caches


/dev/disk0s1 is the EFI partition of my install. This is HFS+ --as I assume most people's are. Reading documentation and looking at the code of firmwaresyncd it seems pretty obvious what this is used for. It seems that if someone happened to format their EFI partition FAT this could cause MAJOR problems. Should we be warning people about this?


Has anyone simply disabled firmwaresyncd? I assume we could hunt down the launchd item or even just rename the binary. Has anyone done this and what might be the potential issue with doing this?

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