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Sleep, Wired and wireless internet patches and weird booting problems


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I just installed Kalyway Leopard on my Gateway E-4300 tower. I can't access the internet at all from OS X. A friend told me when I boot the installer, to select certain drivers, but none of them worked. I also can't get the sleep button on the Apple menu to work. I know that there are patches for that, but I don't know where. I also do have a problem with USB. To be able to recognize any USB device on the computer, I have to restart, then it'll recognize it. I also know there are patches for this, but again, I don't know where to look.


Also, yesterday I reinstalled Leopard and now it won't boot without the Kayway DVD in the drive. It will just give me the white text on a black screen and say Still Waiting for Root Device………… I need help!!!!

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