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Dual Booting Snow Leopard and W7 on Two Harddrives

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Before I begin, please excuse my ignorance.


I am currently running W7 on my machine, but have recently purchased a second drive to run OSX 10.6.4.


It is my intention to allow myself the opportunity to choose which OS to boot into at powerup. My only fear, however, is having OSX overwrite my existing Windows boot drivers after install onto the new harddrive.


Logically, it would make sense to unplug the W7 drive, then install onto the new drive, and plug W7 back in after OSX finished installing.


My question, though, is do I install Easy BCD 2.1 onto my W7 drive before or after I install OSX?


If anyone could break down this process for me, or point me to the proper tutorial, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been searching for the last few hours to no avail - the only tutorials I find explain how to partition a single drive for dual boot.


Thank you.

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