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M-Audio Fast Track USB, MIDI, any1 get this going?

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Anyone get ANY of the M-audio USB audio interfaces to record and monitor properly?


Also, USB MIDI Controllers.....anyone?? Bueller???


I have a Fast Track Usb AI. Right now I am running it through Garageband, everything works fine while plugged into my onboard USB port EXCEPT the guitar effects. When I use ANY of the effects, I get some serious crackling noise and latency.


Also using M-Audio USB MIDI Controller - NO GO PERIOD. It won't even register the midi device unless I connect it through a usb hub, and then it doesn't even function with software instruments.


I guess I don't want to beleive that my Dell d600 1.6ghz prosessor and 512 ram isn't enough to run "GarageBand", but can this be??


Could it be Garageband? Should I try Logic maybee? HELP!!! GULP. SIGH.

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