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10.6.? Upgrade disasters


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Hi all,


Installed 10.6.0 off my retail disk via kakewalk and it's worked like clockwork. No issues at all. I have an ati 4890 and used the kexts and qe/ci installer from netkas and it was flawless.


I want to update to 10.6.4 to get current but it totally ruined my system and booted with corrupt graphics and what not.


Is there a foolproof way to go from 10.6.0 strait to 10.6.4 with a combo update from apple or does it have to be done incrementally .1 .2 .3 etc??


I have read the netkas guides for the incrementals which seem fairly detailed but some files it links too go to dead ends and aren't valid anymore.


Can anyone help with a decent guide and relevant files? I'm on my 3rd format and still no luck. At moment it's looking like I'll be stuck on 10.6.0 forever? Not a huge problem but .4 would be better.



Intel i7 920

Gigabyte EX58-UD4P

Gigabyte 4890

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